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Also: Tigers, Monkeys, Alpacas, Zebras, Hamsters, Jellyfish........etc.

Also: Tigers, Monkeys, Alpacas, Zebras, Hamsters, Jellyfish……..etc.

HappyArt for Animals!

You may have heard that Marti is relocating to Mexico with her hubby and animal family. To make the move efficiently and affordably, they are downsizing their possessions significantly. As an artist, even a successful artist, Marti has created an abundant of art items that for one reason or another have not yet been purchased. Rather than flooding the market with this plethora of creativity Marti has decided to donate much of it to help needy animals all over the U.S.

To this end she invites any animal rescue to submit their credentials below to be added to a list of registered recipients eligible for art donations for your fund raisers. All you have to do is be willing to pay for USPS Priority shipping to get the art from Nicholasville KY to your facility to include in whatever fundraising programs you have going. In every case the value of the art you will receive will be at least 10 times the cost of the postage and often much, much more.

You will be asked to post a photo of some of your rescues, people and/or animals on the HappyArt Facebook page when you get your items – and that’s it.

To Qualify:

  1. You have to submit this form including ALL the requested information
  2. You must to “Like” the HappyArt Facebook Page (look to the right and click Like right in the box on this page!)
  3. You should be willing to get your own audience to interact with the HappyArt Facebook page to increase your chances of getting the artwork posted for availability
  4. Be willing to pay for the postage using PayPal
  5. Your supporters can absolutely pay for the USPS postage of an art item up for adoption on your behalf


Add your animal rescue to the list! All legitimate animal rescues (organizations or individuals) will be considered for art donations. You do not have to be 501(c)3 but you should be able to provide information to satisfy Marti's need to understand your MIssion and needs.

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