Who’s Zippy Chippy?

I came across the race horse named Zippy Chippy early on after moving to the “Horse Capitol of the World” here in Lexington, Kentucky. He became an immediate favorite for me. Not because he was such a fast horse, not because he was such a beautiful horse. No, Zippy Chippy captured my heart because he’s such a willing horse. In his career of what they call 100 “starts” Z-C had 100 losses. Usually a horse will rack up a set of numbers in the W (for win) column of their stats sheet, but not the zipster. He was 0 for 100. But he kept trying.

Not Your Typical Champion

And this is at the root of why I love this horse. He never gave up. Time after time after time. Speaking of time, 8 years passed and I became involved in equine rescue. I got to meet Michael Blowen of Old Friends here in the bluegrass. They bring in retired thoroughbreds – most particularly stallions. Stallions are hard to place in forever homes because they’re territorial, even after they’re gelded. It’s behavior they’ve learned. So Old Friends is an especially awesome rescue farm. I was delighted to discover Micheal loves Zippy as much as I do and for exactly the same reasons – so even though he’s not a stallion, Michael wanted him to retire to their farm as an ambassador of goodwill. Which happened last year!

How a Bale of Hay for Zippy?

So now we’re doing alittle FUNdraising for the zipster. We’re going to build up his retirement hay fund by ziplining for pledges! I get to be on the Zippy Chippy Zipline team! Here’s the original sketch I made for a logo we’re going to use on some t-shirts for the event:

Old Friends’ Mascots Little Silver Charm and Zippy Chippy Ziplining under Louisville

The original drawing is available here on my site – and all the proceeds will go to Zippy’s retirement.

Here’s what the finished logo looks like:

Thank you!

If you’d like to pledge a bit for Zippy – he will thanks you from the bottom of his hooves! Click here – no amount is too small!