Celebrity Mini meets latest creation!

Well, ok, maybe not worlds – maybe just passions! I’ve been exuberantly working with amazing new media clients all week and as a precious reward for time well spent on their various Missions to make the world a better place, I’ve allowed myself some hours in the studio. I’ve been working with the wondrously soft fibers given to me by a horse-loving friend who sent me bags upon bags full of first and second cuttings from some well looked after alpacas whom I think are a part of a program at a university where she lives in Massachusetts. I don’t know what they’re studying but their fiber is a study in sweet softness!

Massachusetts Alpacas Support Horses!

A friendly caveat of this perfectly amazing and generous gift was that I use some of the fibers

Who's Who in Equine

to help horses. Say what? How’s that gonna happen? Make them scarves? Beanies? Nope. Though those are fun ideas to be sure. Instead what I’m doing is making some pieces to sell where all the proceeds earned go towards helping fund a project for equine welfare. So this piece I’m calling “Hapi Hors” will 100% of her proceeds go towards funding a book I’m producing called “Who Who in Equine Compassion” (or Welfare – still working on the title). I’ve got it posted as an IndieGoGo fundraising project right here: http://www.indiegogo.com/whos-who-in-equine-rescue