I’m getting ready to try my hand at a sugar skull look for this year’s Day of the Dead celebrations. As many of you have already heard, Mike and I are moving to Mexico shortly after our home sells (more info on that here). In psyching ourselves up for this life transition we’ve been keeping abreast of the celebrations and events in our new home town to-be, San Midual de Allende in central Mexico.

Day of the Dead celebrations are HUGE there as they are throughout Central and South America. Running from about Halloween through November 2 or All-Saints Day, Dia de los Muertes (Day of the Dead) festivities celebrate the lives of those who have already passed. So while to some of us, the skeletons used to depict the dead might seem scary, in fact they’re anything but! They’re sort of realistic way to look at what might remain after, you know, nature runs its course. But what they symbolize is the everlasting continuation of the soul of the person they represent. And that’s a happy thing!

Candy Sugar Skulls

Candy Sugar Skulls

In addition to alters, sculptures, flags and other lively depictions of what the person who has passed used to love doing, eating, seeing, etc little skulls made of sugar are popular this time of year. They are added to the celebration alters along with marigolds, notes, prayers, candles and all manner of mementos from a person’s life.

Here is a great primer on how to apply makeup to your face to become a live sugar skull.

Shopping List:

  • Face Paint (multiple colors and extra white)
  • Black eyeliner
  • Black Eye shadow
  • Glitter eye shadow
  • mat sponge
  • soft thick brush
  • thin brush

More inspiration can be found here. I’ll post pix when I do mine and Mike’s this coming weekend!