Yay Animals and Those Who Help Them!

It’s no secret: I love animals. I appreciate all the joy they bring to the world and I have been lucky enough to get to live with a bunch over the years. People tell me that my animals are among the luckiest – I think because they’re usually a little chubby and don’t want for life’s finer things.

Not all are so lucky. It pains me to my core to know there are animals who suffer for any number of human provided reasons. On the plus side there are many many people who work tirelessly to undo the bad stuff that gets done – in very hands on, life effecting ways. I am not as strong as them. I would cave under the immensity of the need and grow quickly bitter towards a humankind that allows the bad things to happen.

50% Goes to Critters

I’ve searched for the right way to be involved without becoming consumed and think I’ve hit on something that’s going to work well. I’ve just opened a whole new section to my online store here and call it HappyArt For Animals. Any piece I post in this section will have HALF of it’s purchase price go directly to an animal shelter, advocacy group or other such recue situation. A variety of animals will be included from domesticated to wild, horses, dogs, cats, cows, coyotes, and of course sea life!

Who Qualifies?

Individual listings will be earmarked for a specific organization. Some will be left open for the purchaser to decide. Suggestions for such groups are totally welcomed. Just use the contact form on this site to let me know of a good rescue or group to be included. All I ask is they have:

  • a website
  • properly credentialed non-profit status – for US: 501(c)3
  • a Facebook Page
  • and PayPal Donate button will be great too!

Look for a variety of HappyArt items to be offered; drawings, paintings, even sculpture and wearables as things progress.

Facebook Page

HappyArt For Animals has a Facebook Page dedicated just to this aspect of my art. You can find out the latest pieces to be offered by like-ing it. It’s run by an old character who’s helped with equine advocacy, Merry Horses.