Alfie & io Fabric with poop!

There are a plethora of fantastic opportunities out there to get one’s designs onto things. For me one of the most amazing is where I can design fabric using drawings I’ve made with markers and enhanced in Illustrator. Oh. Em. Gee.

Suddenly the goofball carrtoon strip – Alfie & io – I’m doing for equine advocacy that features my own miniature horse and his best friend — a flake of hay can be commercialized as fabric! I just ordered some to make into a nutty flounce skirt to wear to the art shows I’m applying to. I just can’t believe I get to be a fabric designer! I always wanted to be – and now I can be. Oh I know the price is about double or even more than what you might normally pay for nice quality full color cotton ($18) but it’s MY cartoons!And there’s poop on it! You can never find fun colorful cotton fabric with poop on it! Until now. I’ll post links when they go live for the public.


Alfie & io fabric in white too!