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A hat can define you and elevate your mood.

Right now, fashion-wise, you don’t see a whole lot of hats on people that aren’t simple ball caps or winter warmies. Fashion hats are more rare except on the first Saturday in May when the Kentucky Derby sets the tone with concocted toppers perched prettily atop coiffed heads from the infield on up to the millionaire’s glassed boxes.

For regular going around town for the afternoon you just don’t see a lot of women wearing hats. Because we’ve gotten out of the habit as a cultural collective fashion statement we tend to find that only the more individualistic take the plunge.

Do You Have the Confidence to Wear a Hat?

Here are the seven indicies of women who do:

1. You’re a “shoe person”. Shopping for a new pair of shoes brightens your day. You own specific shoes for specific events – I am not talking about athletics here. Your browser knows that when you start typing “www.z–” you’re headed to Zappos to see what’s new.

2. You’ve spent a painful amount of money for an outfit you simply had to have even though you’ve maybe only worn it once (so far) and not to a wedding– yours or anyone else’s.

3. You’ve invented an event or thrown a party to go with an outfit you wanted to wear.

4. You’re creative. Creative people can pull off wearing hats because they are comfortable pulling out their ‘artistic licenses’; even in random social situations.

5. You’re of a ‘certain age’. Yep, we crones do what we like because we no longer feel we have to do stuff to ‘fit in’. We see a hat (shoes, sweater, dress, earrings, etc) we like — we wear it. It’s now or never, beby.

6. Your friends do. You have cool, creative, influential friends. Stick with them — they’re good for your soul.

7. You must. You can’t not. You’re driven. Go for it! You know you look better with that hat on. Today! Toorrow! Any day!

There are hat clubs online. Join one. These women are part of your tribe and they’re missing a member. You!

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Go ahead - wear it!