DRAWINGS for Custom Cowboy Boots or Mules


Custom Drawings for Boots


Have you ever dreamed of getting a pair of custom Cowboy or Cowgirl boots for yourself but have thought spending the average $1500 to $3000 price tag a little too hefty?

Now you can purchase custom design drawings right here from me and have these turned into a beautiful one-of-a-kind pair of boots for yourself through a bootmaker located in Mexico who’s got an Etsy store at a fraction of the typical cost!

This is a collaborative process.
Here’s how it works:

  1. PURCHASE the type of custom boot you would like from Miguel Alvarez Castillo from the special HappyArt Designed Boots listing:
  2. DECIDE on your main leather COLOR, SIZE, TOE SHAPE (from super square to super pointy), HEEL HEIGHT and SHAPE – Use these options here: http://www.custom-boots.net/options.html and for main color: http://www.custom-boots.net/color.html
  3. TELL HIM you’ll be having me send him drawings for your boots. He will send me the correct patterns to use for your particular boots.
  4. YOU TELL ME what types of designs you want on your boots with my artistic style in mind. SEND ME PHOTOS of any pets or animals you want to include. If helpful I will send you a questionnaire about how you want your boots to use to design your boots.
  5. I will make up a quickie sketch for your approval.
  6. You’ll give me feedback and I’ll tweak as necessary and resend. Once the overall design is approved by you I will make FINISHED DRAWINGS for Miguel’s team to use to create the designs on your boots through hand tooling and custom painting with durable, colorful leather paints like the ones in the photo. You don’t have to have them painted – the tooling looks great unpainted too!
  7. *** Please allow several weeks for Miguel to send me the correct patterns for your boots and for us to communicate back and forth and for your drawings to be completed.***
  8.  I WILL SEND your finished drawings to Miguel.
  9. HIS TEAM WILL MAKE YOUR BOOTS as they did mine. Check their feedback – it is awesome. These are HEIRLOOM QUALITY excellent boots!
  10. When they are done they will send them, along with the drawings, TO YOU DIRECTLY!

This $200 price covers the cost of designing every piece of your special boots, both different or the same – mirrored image, if you like.

YOU ARE PURCHASING CUSTOM DRAWINGS through this listings, not the boots. Boot photo included to show quality and example of finished boots. Prefer to purchase your drawings through Etsy? Click here!

We also are collaborating on Mule shoes (slides)! That listing is coming soon.


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