Dog Huichol Style Scarves


Colorful, colorfast scarves 16″, 26″ or 36″ square




26″ square ($45.00)

36″ square ($80.00)

  • 12mm weight (compares to habotai at 8mm and chiffon at 10mm)
  • 100% plain weave silk
  • Beautiful shiny front surface and matte back. Has a very ‘silky’ feel  with a very soft drape.
  • Prints on shiny face of the fabric but does not print thru to the back due to the thickness of the fabric. You will see the print only about 40% thru to the back of the fabric
  • 12mm weight
  • Care: machine wash cold water on super gentle cycle, or, better yet,  hand wash using a very mild soap for delicate fabrics. 
  • Iron on Silk setting.
  • May shrink a little bit during the initial wash.

Silk fabric itself also has some natural characteristics that may effect your scarf.  Silk is a natural fabric made from the fibers of silkworm cocoons.  It can have natural flaws or consistencies that simply add to the unique charm of your piece if present.

Then they’re heat-pressed to set the color.

All the hems are sewn by hand.

doggie-string-painting-SCARF doggie-string-painting-SCARF-26

Dog Huichol Style Scarf 36"

Dog Huichol Style Scarf 36″


Additional information

Scarf Sizes

16 inches, 26 inches, 36 inches


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