You. Are. Wrong. No, YOU Are!

Are you finding yourself getting riled up this political season? I am. I’m finding it increasingly difficult to take the continuous feed of bombast and bullying from zealots embedded deeply within each party. What irks me the most is the blatant twisting of truth and wrenching towards extremes that I don’t tend to find has much to do with a.) reality and b.) actual living.


It seems to get the attention they want talking heads jerk sideways with explosive accusations against their opponents in order to get a rise out of anyone who will listen. This isn’t a specialty of one side or the other – they both are adept at these sort of shenanigans.

In fact all they’re talking about are nuances; not extremes. I know this is human nature – but it strikes me as unnatural anyway. It makes me uncomfortable to observe these huge groups of people spend so much effort seeking tiny differences rather than working towards goals in a complementary fashion.

Want to tick off both sides? Suggest they’re BOTH correct.

I’m the Idiot?

I have been accused of:

  • not taking things seriously
  • being irresponsible because I won’t engage in the controversy
  • not doing my civic duty by joining the argument

The Bridge is Purple

I am solid purple through and through. I see the two approaches and find merit in applying elements of both. I am weary of intolerance and ironically can’t tolerate it!

So I sit back and mention this “and” thing from time to time. I get walloped for it, but I really do think this is the better view, the more mature approach, the style that helps build bridges. So nyah nyah nyah.