Daily Tasks

Like you, maybe, I try to cram a whole lot into every single day. Because of this, I usually start feeling behind in my plans by about 10 or 11. Seriously. It’s sort of pathetic. I’ll map out a whole list of things I want to accomplish for that day – and before noon, sometimes even as early as 9am (!) I feel left in the dust of my own expectations for myself. I don’t think this is very healthy of me so I’m starting to think about what I can change to stop feeling this way.

I decided in order to figure out were I might be getting lost in the dust of my “To Do” list I would probably have to get a handle on how a typical morning stacks up. So today’s sketch shows what a run-of-the-mill morning looks like for me.

The Typical Morning

cartoon drawing of stacked tasks

How Does the Day Stack Up? Like this usually!

It starts out with coffee and my sketch pad and moves along into daily chores, business considerations and extends back further into the art making realm as the hours unfurl. Guess where I tend to get bogged down. Yep, the time I spend on my computer writing, blogging, editing, adapting images and addressing client tasks can annihilate the best intentions of any given day. For the sake of full¬†disclosure¬†– it’s also the place where do a fair amount of online socializing through Facebook and other online networks. But being that we’re pretty rural where I’m situated and not prone to drop in visits from anyone but the random neighbor skunk or the impressively lost I don’t lean too hard on myself for this. It keeps me from being a total hermit.


Still, it’s good to be aware of where the worm-holes in the space-time continuum of a typical day can open up and swallow an itinerary whole. I would have drawn out how the afternoon looks – but I gotta get a move on it’s almost 10am!