New Inventions

I like creating work that no one has considered before. I love adding new ideas onto the globe; into the realm of consciousness. I am limited to certain abilities, but not to any lack of passion.

Thus I am always pleased when I work with new media and allow it to flow through what’s been called the “Marti Filter”. That’s what’s happening with the FiberART I’m creating. Now you will see a whole lot of fiber craft, and it is awesome stuff. But FiberART is more rare.


FiberART felted purse detail

FiberART explores boundaries, pushes envelopes and takes a medium into new territory. So, for example, I don’t think there’s ever been a whole lot of cartoon felting done before now. It’s possible I’m inventing something quite new. Mind you, I could be wrong, but based on the reactions I’ve had so far, I think I’m up to something fresh, challenging and out of chartered waters.

I always know when I’m speaking with a clear voice artistically, because my work becomes immediately recognizable. I do not take this gift for granted. I steward it carefully even though I know full well doing so is going to cost me sales as I begin to educate others about what I’m up to.

Here’s how:

  1. I have to help viewers identify the craft
  2. then accept this new application of that craft
  3. and finish up with being a worthy representation of both the craft and the vision in an appealing (read: commercially viable) way!

The same thing was true in the early nineties when I was hand painting cartoon t-shirts. I heard a lot of “my kid could do that’ comments. But I kept up with it because I also heard a ton of comments from people absolutely delighted with the work for what I considered all the right reasons!

Craft vs. Art

I know what it is to be a good craftsman and I likewise understand what it takes to be an artist. What I work for is to be an excellent version of both with every piece I create. Not many good craftspeople have a strong artistic vision and a lot of artists don’t pay enough attention to the quality of their craft. For me it is important to pay special attention to both aspects of art creation; the craft and the vision – so that what gets made is a finely made, unique piece – even if it is kooky! In fact I think especially so because the way I practice it being kooky carries with it the burden of having to be both lighter and demonstrate more aptitude.

Felted Tree Ponies FiberART