One day a lonely pale sky blue Unicorn with a golden horn spied a plump purple pony eating apples under the Tree of Life. Delighted with his find the Unicorn was instantly overjoyed to see such a marvelous being occupy that space in his conscious he thought was only used by dreams.

Amazingly the pony felt the same way. Heretofore she had thought Unicorns were mere things of fancy and not at all of this realm. They shared aples a’plenty and traded dreams and hopes in the soft brown shadows of the Hopeful Forest.

I’m getting ready to have a day at Shaker Town of Pleasant Hill in Harrodsburg, KY this Saturday with my mini horse. It got me thinking about the “Tree of Life” image they now use as a logo for this beautiful 3000 acre setting. That was the Inspiration Seed for this piece.

Of course before I upload ANYthing I make these days – especially when it includes equines, I run it past my executive board for their yea or “neigh”. It got the go ahead schnuffle from MuMu.

If you want to see more of it – just click it’s image above and you’ll open a new window for a gander. Have a happy, delightful, unicorn-filled day!