HapiLani, Rainbobo

The Wonderful fox-like RainBoBo


I just finished the latest felted HapiLanian in my ongoing series and I’m excited with how she (he?) turned out! I used “unicorn fibers” (hand dyed alpaca blended with sparkly soft metallics). I’ve been working on getting the process of needle felting onto a nice armature just right and on this piece it turned out just riight!

With the just the right heft, this piece is 20″ long by 10″ wide and 10″ tall. Pretty big for a felted animal, the usually don’t go much beyond 6-8″. But this creature just naturally flowed into this size.


RainBoBo is a sort of a FOX-like being who comes from an imaginary land that intersects with our own reality with the sole purpose of adding joy onto the globe. You can read more about her land in the book “HapiLani: The Natural History of a Dream Land” available at amazon.com.

Currently for sale in my Etsy store, just click on the image or right here.