Progress continues on the commissioned piece. It is becoming a beautifully felted whole that’s thick, strong and sooooo soft! Upper layers are being added with needle felted detail work going on top of those.

I’ll continue needle felting the details onto the top, and start adding some looser structure in certain areas to give the impression of water swirling around the driftwood legs of the handmade coffee table this piece will accompany. It’s not done yet – but here’s how it’s starting to come together:

The camera angle is a bit off – the actual piece has more equal sides – the light is off too as the colors in real life are more true to the photos above as well as the reference photo supplied by client.


  1. wet felt the top
  2. rinse
  3. block and air dry
  4. Go back and fine tune the very top later elements
  5. So NOW it’s time for the client to help me fine tune the top colors and textures to match their hopes and wishes if what I’ve done so far isn’t quite it!


I’m dyeing a simple cotton backing to velcro onto the finished piece and would be delighted to include a quote or other written bit of messaging as sort of a good luck aspect for the flip side that won’t be seen. Maybe a note about the provenance of the idea for the piece? A short verse of some kind>