I decided to play around with some more wearables as I continue to prepare for this summer’s shows. I’m using the resist wet felting method where I cut a pattern out of plastic (that the fibers won’t stick to) that’s larger than I want the finished piece to be and layer up the wool on that. There’s sort of a lot of room for experimental error because the fibers can sometimes tighten up a little unpredictably depending on how energetic I am with the fulling process.

So I have to be prepared to go with the flow and react to what I’m getting flexibly to allow the piece to participate in its own creation. The piece isn’t exactly how I had originally envisioned, instead it developed into a much livelier version of itself:

The ruffle pieces were part of the design the vest chose for herself. 🙂

She’s got this organic lilt to her that I wouldn’t necessarily have designed but have decided is wonderfully unique!

I also completed a shorter vest that also played a role in its own design.

My Lily Pulitzer color combo….

Finally I finished a tunic with felted upper and loose nuno felted lower. The felted upper is not at all the color I was expecting from the fiber mix I started with – but it shrank and tightened up quite a bit condensing the blend into more of a solid hue. That’s why I needle felted the flowers onto it and the end result, I think, turned out cute!

Flowered silk and merino felted tunic

What I find as I make my way through the experience of creating wearables is that with felting, the fibers stake a claim in their own design! I love that. I mean it makes it more of a challenge to get to an end result I think is marketable, but at the same time it really stretches my creativity. Anything that does that is a worthwhile endeavor. Today I’ll be finishing another tunic and starting a big wall piece. This is so much fun!