Things are progressing on the special order large felted rug.

Building Layers

I couldn’t be happier with how things are going with this piece! Each phase is accomplishing what it has to in order to be built up into a luxurious whole. Matching the colors in the photo the client supplied of the water using only primary colors has gone swimmingly! The ability to blend the fibers into art batts is what makes a huge difference in how things progress with the dimensionality of the colors. I never quite get ‘in over my head’ because I’m able to go back in with subsequent layers and adjust nuances of hues as each thin layers gets added to the underlayers.

As you can see in the photos I’ve built up the base layers on the two main pieces of the finished rug and have begun adding additional mid layers of fiber and color. I started with yellows and greens to recreate what I’m surmising is on the floor of the lake in the pictures I was sent. These will be hidden for the most part as layers are built up – but somehow I wanted to start here as a means to create a more authentic, albeit impressionistic felted depiction of the lake.


The next steps will be:

  • dye more fiber – loose and roving
  • blend more art batts on the drum carder
  • add layers to the two sides – building structure
  • needle felt the 2 pieces together to beging to marry the whole
  • dye more fiber!