I am amazed at migration cycles of birds, especially the tiny hummingbirds who fly from central Mexico all the way up into North America. But what pretty much gives new meanings to how I think about life are the migratory journeys of Monarch Butterflies. They fly from deep in the heart of Mexico in great masses some all the way into Canada in one year but with four successive generations within that year. Read more and see a video of them overwintering in the millions in this link.

Ever since witnessing them them in these huge hanging swaths, and welcoming them through last fall I knew I would find them showing up in my art. This illustration celebrates these miracles and is available on a variety of products in this link.


"Birds & Butterflies" Click to preview on products

“Birds & Butterflies” Click to preview on products


Duvet Covers
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iPhone Case

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Greeting Cards

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Tote Bags

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Shower Curtain

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