Horses Give Us Wings

Custom Painting of You and Your Equine Partner

If you’re a fan of horseback riding then you already know that “Horses Give Us Wings”! If you have a favorite horse and a favorite outfit or set of colors you have pretty much all you need to order your own customized “Horses Give Us Wings” painting.

It will be designed much like the one Marti did for top notch horse trainer and Road to the Horse competitor Mary Kitzmiller, but feature YOU and YOUR own equine partner!


Each piece is primed with a base color and then a series of other colors are blended while still slightly wet to create a visually dimensional background. The main design is then penciled on and painted and details are added to complement the rider, the riding discipline and the horse. In the sample shown Mary (the rider) is doing a bridleless ride with her famous garrocha pole (a Spanish style discipline where the horse and rider dance with the pole making intricate designs and patterns in the sand).

Her Pegasus is a pretty lavender with creamy colored wings and pink mane and tail – yours can be different colors that complement the coat of your mount. She wears buckaroo boots and a cowgirl hat – you may be more comfortable in breeches and paddock boots. The borders are painted to help the main colors ‘pop’. Flowers, hearts, flags, daisies, birds, lightning bugs – Marti will finish your piece with an assortment of positive and colorful images as she did Mary’s.

The Artist

These are one of a kind original paintings created just for you by international artist, Marti Mcginnis – click here to learn more about her work. Her style has been described as “pop-art”, “new-folk” and always colorful and whimsical. The mood of every piece she creates is upbeat and this series is one near and dear to her heart as she has an affinity for both the mythical Pegasus and the awesome real ones we get to partner with. She herself has a black and white paint and a pinto mini (who has his own Facebook page). She brought them with her down to her new home in Mexico from Kentucky where she lived for the past 10 years. She’s as horse crazy now as she was when she was ten.

The Proceeds

Marti is working on an animal kindness book project where her art will be used to encourage children in Mexico to treat their animals well. Your supporting her art helps her support this project! These books will be bi-lingual (English and Spanish) and will be given away FREE to school children. Detailed info here.


It will be 11.75″ x 11.75″ (30 cm square) on masonite board. Acrylic sealed with urethane.

$225US includes shipping/postage to US or Mexico

Horses Give Us Wings

Horses Give Us Wings – custom painting $225 – 30cm square


1. pay a deposit ($100 via PayPal – scroll down for payment button) – if you’re new to her work then you might like to see her feedback history on eBay and Etsy though she’s not currently selling anything on either of these two outlets.

2. email Marti a photo of you and one of your horse

3. Describe the tack (if any) and outfit you and your horse want to be wearing – Marti will use these to build the rest of the colors around to complement your style.

4. Describe any must-have details – keeping in mind the more open you are, the more Marti’s creativity will flow on your behalf.

5. Marti will email the almost finished piece for you to have her make any adjustments necessary, then upon approval you’ll pay the balance and Marti will ship up to you from her studio in Mexico.



Once Marti receives your order she’ll email you with an estimated time of completion (usually 2-4 weeks)


Marti sends packages up to Texas with an obliging neighbor for a small fee who then pops it into the USPS system where it finishes its journey to you. Ricardo goes north about every two weeks so depending on when things are ready will determine when your package will arrive – you’ll get a notice a couple of days before it heads north.

 Order Yours!

$100 Deposit – Marti will contact you via email for your photos and details.