Healthy Enough?

Like most people, I sometimes worry that my life, could, even should, be better. I wonder if I’m making enough money to be considered successful and at the same time I’m conscientiously making selections to minimize waste and maximize a healthy balance; both personally and globally.

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More Than One Way to be Rich

Maybe because I was brought up next to and then fully within a crazily affluent American town I’m a bit more saddled with the need to create materiali proof of success than the average boomer. One of my best friends in High School lived in a full-on mansion. This kind of crap influences you. You think: “When I’m grown up I guess I’ll live in a house designed by an architect you’ve heard of with 30+ rooms too.” Then you go off to university, that friend dies in the first wave of AIDS to hit the population, and as you start your career track you realize the stuff you thought was so important might not be.

A Well Lived Life

Living Well on a Shoestring Budget NOW!

You begin to make choices that set you up for a well lived life, where you exercise your intellect, creativity and compassion. Three things that don’t necessarily pay well, or at all. For me, I joined the Peace Corps, became an artist and married a dude with a track record for doing excellent work for non-profit organizations. The upshot is, we’re not rolling in money. This is why I’ve had to get clever with how I run our home. I want the food we eat to be healthy – not just for our bodies, but for the farmers and their gardens and livestock too. I also want it to be delicious. Same too with all the stuff we use around or have in the house.

When it comes to choosing the food we eat, the stuff we buy – I want maximum value along with maximum balance and health wherever possible. I’m not a purist. I will lower my standards from time to time – I’m real about this stuff; not a guru. I will buy conventionally grown fresh spinach over the organic if the price forces me to. But my preference will always be for the organic when it makes sense. That’s why I’ve learned to shop the almost out of date spinach when they mark it down to half price and plan my menu accordingly to fix it so it doesn’t go bad on me. Stuff like that.

Skip “Bargain” Retailers

I haven’t shopped in a Wal*Mart nor other similar ‘value’ stores for over three years now – and don’t miss their so called ‘bargains’. I’ll talk more about that in individual posts. This isn’t a hardship nor is it some militant consumer quest – just a quiet adherence to personal ethics. More on that later.

These HappyLiving posts will be categorized on this site’s blog under the heading HappyLiving. You can click that section in the ALL BLOG TOPICS > Categories menu to the right to get them all. You can also search the term HappyLiving using the search box above.

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