The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel is movie that takes an inspired look at how to rethink what’s next!

When we’re really pushed, and I mean shoved up against options, so often we’re forced to make a major shift in our thinking; our lives, even. This movie colorfully plays out several English retiree’s situations that for one reason or another (and most of them having to do with having to do some significant financial downsizing) bring them all to a sort of dilapidated hotel in a crazy busy city in the heart of India.

It’s also quietly about the awesome power of positive thinking as the little dude who runs the hotel (Dev Patel, the same guy who played the protagonist in Slumdog Millionaire) never not thinks his scheme to bring it to life won’t work! He’s got a saying:

Everything turns out alright in the end.
If things aren’t alright, it’s not yet the end.”

Hello, Cuba?

Right now, a lot of folks my age are sort of wondering how retirement is going to work out for us. Certainly it’s most likely not going to be the same for us as it is/was for our parents. Because many companies no longer offer – and haven’t for years – any sort of realistic retirement package, we’ve had to save what we can. With recessions and crazy stock and real estate losses through having enough just to get by is a real question. Add in a failing social security system and, well, we’ll be exploring some retirement ‘outsourcing’ of our own I bet! Look out Mexico, Costa Rica, Belize and others. Hey, maybe Cuba will open back up in time to welcome our decrepit selves!

Bring on the Gypsy Wagon!

I’m already thinking about living in a much smaller house, with a lot fewer possessions. This movie kind of happily kickstarted the thought process for what really will be the situation. Rather than being horrible – in fact retirement may actually play out like one last great adventure for we who are willing – or forced – to take a plunge like the characters in this movie did. As a former Peace Corps volunteer – I know what it’s like to live a a fraction of the monthly income I do here in the states and I know what it’s like to be a part of an ex-pat community in a colorful exotic foreign land (I was in Fiji). After you adjust – it’s every bit as interesting as your middle life is/was.

It has potential side benefits too! Your carbon footprint goes down and your appreciation of things goes way, way up!

Downsizing can Upscale Your Appreciation

Places to retire in:



Costa Rica

Cuba and more!