Like my American compadres, I am used to operating on tight and usually very definite deadlines. Events have dates and exact times they are meant to occur. You and I have an appointment to speak at 11 sharp. The art show load in begins at noon on such and so street corner…..this kind of thing. So it is only natural that, as our transition to Mexico unfolds, I get asked when milestones in the process will occur.

  • When did your house sell?
  • What day are you leaving?
  • What day will you arrive?
  • What day are you hitting the road?

No Set Timeframe

All very natural questions; and I hate to disappoint people with what sound like wishy washy answers, but for maybe the first time in our adult lives, Mikey and I are beholden to no one’s schedule but our own. Exceptionally generous friends in Kentucky have opened their farm’s extra cabin up to us to live in while certain aspects of the move get sorted out. So while we had to be cleared out of DogTrot Hill on April 28th, the reality is we can take our time leaving the bluegrass.

We bought our little Mexican hacienda last summer and had the great good fortune to talk another American expat into living in it until our home here sold. He’s been a most excellent house sitter and now he’s looking at purchasing his own piece of land up in our neighborhood with his new wife! Soon Mikey’s going back down to finish getting things ready for mine and the pets’ arrival (internet, fencing, interior painting, horse shelter, etc). How long will that take? Not sure. Doesn’t matter, It can take the time it needs because we are not beholden to any deadlines!

It’s Kind of a Creative Sabbatical

I can make art here in the cabin and talk to my marketing clients over the wifi I have access to here on the farm. And Lindy (my generous friend whose farm this is) and I have a ton of adventures planned while I’m sojourning here. It’s like Artsy Horse camp for us!  So now you know why I never provide specific dates. Don’t have any! Thought the goal is for us all to be in San Miguel de Allende by the end of May or first of June. If we meet that goal, awesome and if we’re ‘late’ – who cares? More horse time with my bestie here in probably the most beautiful county of all of the bluegrass. Win Win!

The Perfect Place to Transition

The Perfect Place to Transition

My Schedule Revolves Around Horse Shippers Now

And just in case I’m starting to sound smug or too lucky, let me hasten to add that the challenges being posed for getting my horses safely all the way down there are fairly taxing and fraught with confusing information – so there’s a little stress to keep the juices flowing, lol. In the end I’m guessing we’ll arrive exactly when we’re supposed to. But you know what? Unless I were to actually say something, or unless you’re following my posts very closely, you probably won’t be able to tell where I am – because the internet has made moves like this so wonderfully do-able, because you get to stay in touch with your tribe through all the ways we already do!

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But now I need to go take my dogs for a walk on the gorgeous Seldom Scene Farm. Because we can!


Seldom Scene Farm Intro