Share-able Quote Illustrations

Just about every morning I wake up and with a lovely foam + cinnamon topped cup of joe I sit in bed and draw. I just let it flow. Because this is the closest I get to being wakefully next to my dreams – even I get surprised with what sometimes pops out. This exercise keeps my creativity limber. When I’m officially up – I scan the drawing and offer it for sale in a blog post. I let the world know what I’ve created by plopping the new drawing into a shareable quote picture on my Facebook page. They cost starting at $25 each – first come first served.

To see if the original drawing is still available – click on the little “i” in the upper right corner of the frame. OR you can go through the slides individually by clicking one to enlarge it and advance through that way. That will give you access to the larger image to download too! Want to see in Full Screen mode? Click the “FS” in the bottom right corner of the frame.

As time allows I add the latest into this slideshow. Feel free to download a favorite or all and share away! Just please keep my website address on it. Thanks and enjoy!

To Reprint, re-distribute orĀ LicenseĀ an image contact Marti. Fees are reasonable!

Share-Able Quote Pix

Free Downloadable inspirational images for you to enjoy and share!

Some of the original drawings may be available in my Shop section!