For the year of 2017 I will be attempting to make at least one drawing a day and post on my Facebook Page and Instagram account. Then at the end of each month I’ll post a synopsis of the month’s drawings like I have done below. This will help keep me on track because I may get followers as I go! Some of the original drawings were created to fit Instagram’s square orientation, but many were not. To see them as they roll out of the studio every day follow my Facebook Page.

Also I’m thinking of adding many of these images in my Prints (and other items) for sale link above. Each month’s images would be available for the month after they were posted and then removed. So if you liked one, you’d have to act fast. Or, you know, act within thirty days or so. Good idea? We’ll find out! Some are there already! Click here to see which ones.

NOTE: Many of the drawings below were created using an Apple Pencil on an iPad Pro with the app named Procreate. Sometimes an actual drawing using pencil or pen and crayons and what-not on paper appear as well as the occassional painting as stuff comes off the easel. I hope you like this challenge and its outcome!

January 2017


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