1. Marti will create a custom digital drawing, like the ones pictured here.
  2. Just for you, your family or anyone in any setting with any animal friends.
  3. It can be super colorful or just use some key colors to match your site or blog. It can even be black and white!


Order now, get your idea and any photos to Marti and you will have a finished drawing several days after that!


  • Marti draws on an iPad pro using an Apple Pencil and creates works of art that are unique, beautiful and ready to use!
  • It will be delivered to you electronically in a form you can have printed on greeting cards, newsletters, your blog or use in your social media.
  • Marti can send via email or let you grab from a public Dropox link, easy peasy. Don’t get what that means? Marti will help you through it all!
  • Want to get a good feel for what Marti’s digital drawing look like? Visit her Instagram feed and take a look. Make a note of the piece that you like the best!


  • The dimensions can be tailored to fit a an 8x10 print or Facebook header or any dimension 2600px x 2600px or less.
  • Larger sizes available, just contact Marti!


  • $350

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Click the button now and pay via PayPal $350.00

2018 HOLIDAY SPECIAL!! Just $225

Now through December 15, 2018

Marti can drawing your favorite animals!

How’s about your pooch in an exotic setting?

You or a pal doing what you love best! Authentic details or not!

Have Marti draw you and your favorite animals!

Or let her draw you in a favorite garden or setting….

Remember a pet who has passed……

Get a parade of your own pets in a colorful drawing like this….

Maybe envision a pet who has passed…..

Add a favorite quote or saying!

Buy Now!

Click the button now and pay via PayPal $350.00