HapiLani: Natural History

HapiLani Book CoverIn her thirst for knowledge and tying Big Concepts together with her creative urges, Marti came up with a project that has kept her busy for several years. She has filled four solo shows with work related to HapiLani and recently published a full color book of stories and information about this Utopian place.

In reading about Marti’s travels you’ll discover how to access your own dreamlands. You’ll discover how the science of quantum physics as well as the teachings of ancient cultures and even ancestral spirituality all point to similar pathways of alternative existences — ones possible through thought and belief alone! This is an upbeat exploration into a wealth of deeply meaningful topics from a frothy and thoroughly optimistic point of view.

The book is available to purchase here.

Marti also posts updates on HapiLani from time to time on a blog dedicated to this beautiful place. Visit any time. It’s right here. You can have yourself commemorated as a HapiLani inhabitant! Marti will make a one-of-a-kind painting based on your best attributes or those of a beloved pet. Not only will you get the piece but you’ll be written up on the blog on your own integrated and separately linked post in scientific or cultural terms based on background information you care to share; your beliefs, loves, hobbies or natural inclinations. This is a fun way to become memorialized in a completely unique new way! Use the contact link above to get in touch with Marti about becoming HapiLanied! Prices start under a hundred dollars depending on the size and details of the piece.

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