Dream Drawings to Color: 400 More Artist Sketches

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Just Add Color!
dream-drawings-coverIn this second volume of pencil sketches, artist Marti McGinnis continues inspiring smiles through the 400 fresh ideas she brings to the drawing table. The drawings in her first series entitled “400 Mornings: Artist Dreams – Pencil Sketches” inspired people of all ages to add their own artistic vision by coloring in them and this book offers several hundred new pages for creative expression.

Children know almost naturally know what to do when they’re faced with a black and white drawing – they reach for the box of crayons and have at it! Adults, too, with a little bit of encouragement find just as much satisfaction adding their own artistic voice to a line drawing with crayons, colored pencils, markers or paints. It’s meditative and relaxing.

Coloring for adults is very popular in Europe; in France they call it Art-Thérapie and it is catching on in the USA too. Some call coloring books for adult “de-stress books”. The practice generates wellness, quietness and also stimulates brain areas related to motor skills, the senses and creativity.

Part Journal – Part Pure Joy

The drawings throughout these four hundred pages trace the journey of a creative individual who finds herself facing some of life’s biggest challenges. From an old log home in the middle of horse country U.S.A. to the outskirts of one of the most beautiful cities in all of Mexico each page joyfully depicts the progression of a life upheaval that is dealt with gently, a little introspectively, and with a definite sense of fun.

Every image in this book as well as the first are positive, hopeful or otherwise upbeat. Marti says, “I realized why I’m addicted to drawing. When I put pencil to paper ANYTHING can happen. Animals can bake cookies with smiles on them. I can be tiny and ride a dragonfly that looks like a dragon, Gravity can be less persistent…….anything can happen!“

What’s Inside:

  • TONS of animals!
  • DREAM depictions
  • A MAJOR MOVE from the states to the high plains of central America
  • An UPBEAT Attitude
  • An Invitation to BE CREATIVE in your OWN life
  • An ever-present sense of OPTIMISM and THANKS

Like her first book of sketches this is a sequence of fairly simple pencil drawings, placed pretty much as they were created one after another. Deceptively simple in nature, but charmingly poignant, thought-provoking and inspirational as well.

Who’s The Artist?
Multi-faceted, Marti McGinnis blogs, paints, draws, writes and generally has a great time squeezing the gusto out of this planetary existence!

What Are People Saying?

  • Megan H.. “Marti always looks on the bright side of life!”
  • Anna U. “Refreshingly connects me to nature while putting a smile on my mood:)”
  • Jean V. ” Whatever form Marti’s HappyArt takes — books, paintings on hubcaps, paintings of her dog framed in dogwood, Christmas ornaments — the vivid, imaginative and at times zany work puts a smile on my face and joy in my heart.”
  • Karen H. “I like how trippy mexico is making your art….it was trippy before of course, but i sense a tiny bit more locura….”
  • Wendy C. “uplifting, upbeat, insightful, alive and inspirational!”
  • Carol A. “Brings a fantastical smile to my face!”
  • Connie M. “Tickles the whimsy and refreshes the spirit.”

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400 Mornings: Artist Dreams • Pencil Drawings

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Creative people like to challenge themselves

400 Mornings book cover400 Pages of imaginative, original drawings!

400 Mornings book cover400 Pages of imaginative, original drawings!

Doing so keeps their ideas fresh and their juices flowing. It’s not too difficult to produce amazing stuff when you’ve got a studio full of things to play with but what happens when a wildly creative artist is limited to just a piece of paper and a pencil? Marti McGinnis is an artist who makes art with a variety of media ( but she wanted to see what might happen if she just stuck to drawing with just a pencil on paper for a year, once every morning.

“400 Mornings: Artist Dreams + Pencil Drawings”is a visual journal that features over 400 drawings or one sketch a day for over a year in the life of one very imaginative individual. The collection starts out simply enough then begins to build momentum as time passes and the project progresses. Eventually you can even start to see her drawing skills improve! As time unfolds in this drawing diary you see Marti become willing to tackle increasingly odd scenes and ideas; difficult for her but fun for the reader!

What’s Inside:

  • unusual wishes and hopes
  • inspired visual commentaries
  • drawings of animals; real and imagined
  • drawings of dreams and connections
  • sketches of a chubby miniature horse and his many foibles, vices and hobbies and
  • an ever-present sense of optimism and gratitude

All in this sequence of simple pencil drawings, done one after another. Deceptively simple in nature, but charmingly poignant, thought-provoking and inspirational as well.

Who’s The Artist?
Multi-faceted, Marti McGinnis blogs, paints, draws, writes poetic ditties and slaves after a very demanding snarky little equine who has more followers than she does. “I can’t draw very well.” McGinnis claims “So this book should be pretty inspirational to anyone else who thinks that about themselves too.” 400 sketches later her quirky style demonstrates that everything becomes meaningful when you apply enough consistent effort towards it.

What Are People Saying?

  • Wendy C. “Stellar!”
  • Jean H. “Best use of imagination!”
  • Shirley M. “Creativity to the Max!”

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Cans: The Life’s Work of an Optimistic Dog

co-authored with JoJo McGinnis

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Who is an Artist
What are the characteristics that people use to determine whether one is an artist…or not? Education? Dedication to one’s art? Does being an artist mean you’re after some sort of pursuit of excellence with your chosen medium?

A dog named JoJo McGinnis collaborated with fellow creative, artist Marti McGinnis, to turn his very prolific output as an artist whose medium is metal sculpture using found objects into the collection depicted in this book.

Every evening while watching television, JoJo licks out a cat food can and then carefully, without one little mishap, crushes the thing using what he has – his teeth – forming it into a distinct work of art. “You can tell when he’s done with a piece,” McGinnis says, “when he flings it away with a quick toss of his burley head.”

jojo book coverWhile he approaches his work with systematic craft, the art is revealed in the fact that no two finished works are ever alike. “There’s amazing variety in his work.” continues McGinnis. So she started saving his pieces, tossing one after another, night after night, into a shopping bag until it was brimming full. She came to notice when she laid them all out one day that the assortment before her made an interesting case for this dog as a genuine artist. “He’s the real deal.” asserts McGinnis.

This book makes the case for that. In doing so it also lays out an interesting argument for other “raw” or “outsider” artists and their work. Indeed, it sets a stage for anyone who’s struggled with defining for themselves what makes art and who gets to be called an artist!

What’s Inside:

  • JoJo’s Artist’s Statement
  • Over 120 of his pieces – individually titled
  • JoJo’s guiding principles as an Artist
  • Some of Marti’s original cartoon illustrations of the Artist’s Life
  • 100 Words of Wisdom straight from this very enlightened canine

Who’s The Artist?
Multi-faceted, Marti McGinnis blogs, paints, draws, writes poetic ditties and looks after a small zoo of creative individuals of varied species.

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Who’s Who in Equine Compassion

A Compendium of Those Who Care

Volume 1 – 2012

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A listing of people, places and organizations that are self described as or focus on advocacy issues surrounding equines, rescue groups or other horse, pony, mini, mule, burro and donkey advocates. With an online persona named “Merry Horses”, the Editor of this professionally designed compendium brings together people and organizations throughout the United States and beyond; all involved in horse rescue or advocacy of one kind or another.

Divided into geographical regions (by state, country or region) the listings include name and contact info (as provided) as well as quotes and other salient information when included. As a first in what is slated to become an annual series, this volume has been designed to inspire those who read it to become involved in whatever aspect of equine stewardship they like and make it easy for them to do so.

Also included are a scholarly discussion by writer Mary McDaniels on the controversial issues surrounding equine slaughter along with suggestions for solutions as well as original content contributed by several other authors involved in diverse aspects of equine stewardship. People and organizations are invited to include themselves in future volumes.

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In the Works

Animales Felices – Happy Animals

A forty page all color book featuring Marti’s HappyArt (drawings, paintings, cartoons, etc) on the topic of animal kindness to be given away FREE to children in Mexico. Will also be available for purchase at Wholesale pricing will also be available. Now accepting page sponsors! More info here.

#30 12 x 16 "Best Friends $200 SOLD

#30 12 x 16 “Best Friends $200 SOLD