I would love to have your opinion. You see, I’m making a body of work to take to art shows this summer, and I need to know what people think of some of the items I’ve made so far. Your opinions will help me choose what to do next! So if you’re up for it, let’s start with some colorful felted wall hangings.

These are posted in an album on my HappyArtGallery Facebook page right here. Take 100 points and ‘spend’ them on your favorite pieces. Just comment “50” under one you might want to give fifty points to, and “10” for any you would award ten to, and so on. Divide your points however you like! It’s like shopping without buying!

Plus, you’ll be doing me a great big favor. You’ll be helping me see what might be trending this summer, or what I’ve got that people want to see more of! Oh, you should “like” my Facebook page too – because that’s where I post SALES! If, by chance, you see one you simply must own – they’re all for sale in my Etsy shop here.
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