Eeyore is often blue.....

Sometimes I wake up on the ‘wrong side of my optimism’. When that happens that day begins with a gloomy tinge to it. This happened yesterday. I felt like Eeyore. That there is a children’s story character already designed to portray these rather common moods tells me they’re not all that uncommon. So I spent some time today thinking it through:

“Why do I wake up in a crumby mood from time to time?”

As I pondered this, going through with everything I had planned for the day – including having lunch at a new Mexican restaurant (yum!) with a great friend (Danielle!) I came across a very reasonable explanation towards the end of the day.

Of course the lunch was awesome, it was great catching up with my pal and she gave me an insane gift that would elevate anyone’s mood. (She has a shop on Etsy) Well, here, see for yourself:

Danielle uses stuff she's already got to make these crazy dolls!

Of course my mood was getting better and better as this splendid day unfurled. But I still wanted to get to the root of why I wake up out of sorts from time to time.

The Answer!

Then after a delightful walk along the “Unicorn Path” in the woods by our house with my dogs it dawned on me. Most of the time I wake up fine, and sometimes I wake up filled with an inexplicable joy.


The answer! It’s not just that I wake up sort of blue occassionally – more often I wake up slightly giddy! I think the small trade off I’ve made somewhere down the line is that for every, say, 10 times I wake up inexplicably happier than usual, I get one ‘bluer than usual’ time.

This is mood math I can live with! I’ve written about here so I can refer back to it next time it happens. I’m sharing it with you in case you haven’t made this connection yet either.

I would love your feedback on this.