There’s nothing like a major change in one’s living situation to create a whole bunch of excitement that resonates through just about every subsequent decision until the change is assimilated and absorbed. For an interesting (to us anyway) set of reasons, my husband and I have decided to move to Mexico.

Change is Good

Double Happiness in Mexico?

Double Happiness in Mexico?

We’re getting all sorts of reactions, some truly unexpected from friends and acquaintances. For example, my 85 year old mother took the news pretty darn well, while one of my sisters seems to be in shock; which is funny because she travels internationally with some regularity. Some Kentucky neighbors wonder how we’ll handle the drug lords and others seem to be picturing the bleak landscape by the Texas border they show on television news stories when they’re covering the illegal aliens and wonder why we would ever chose to move there! I like to remind them that we lived in inner city Chicago for 15 years+ and have they heard about the shootings there by chance?

I have to admit this whole thing has caught me by surprise almost as much as anyone else. As time goes I’ll probably share some of the reasons and open this whole thing up for discussion, but it’s all so new I think all I’ll say is we were looking for some ways to cut our overall cost of living without digging too deeply into a way of life we have come to love. You can do that as a thrifty American who’s saved some money in Mexico. Things are cheaper there and more importantly people just simply get by on less. We will too, but because of who we are and what we like we won’t really be giving up much in the way of the material.

Health Care?

Health care comes up too. In mexico we can both afford a bit of insurance as well as actually pay for necessary services. Things are across-the-board less expensive medically there; yet the quality is every bit as good as we can get here in the bluegrass. Because we consistently make excellent healthy choices with our lifestyle, exercise and food mainly, we are both fairly robust for our ages. We simply are not worried. Here in the states we have been having to up and up and up our deductible to maintain the coverage we feel was necessary. In Mexico we won’t be put to that test.

Less is More

Mikey and I just don’t live luxuriously. We’ve always lived within our means so we’re paying cash for a nice adobe house on a hill that overlooks one of the prettiest cities in all of Mexico. Don’t get me wrong, we aren’t keen to leave Kentucky, nor the United States, but circumstances have allowed for moving to Mexico as an interesting, even life-enhancing option. Of course, I am now and will continue to mourn the leaving of my wonderful friends here, as well as this beautifully accommodating log home we have loved from Day One. But that is sadness for another day. Or days.

So, just where are we going?

San Miguel de Allende in the central high plains of the state of Guanajuato in Mexico. It’s city central is a World Heritage site and the area is truly an artist’s paradise. The whole place sings with visual art and embraces artists as bone fide first class citizens. That’s another thing my own country hasn’t been too particularly wonderful at doing. Here when I mention I’m an artist people seem to respond as though there may be just a little something wrong with me, or my work ethic (even though almost every non-trust-funded artist I’ve ever known works crazy-hard!). There, it’s quite the opposite. In San Miguel artists are celebrated! What’s more, art is everywhere, at every level and fully integrated into people’s daily lives. You can imagine coming from rural America where gun and ammo shows outdraw every art festival combined this is an attractive concept.

A view of part of the lush garden surrounding our new adobe home

A view of part of the lush garden surrounding our new adobe home

We Already Have a Place

We close on August 28th. It’s perfect for us! It’s a hand-built adobe home that sits on one hectare (about 3 acres) on a hillside overlooking the city of San Miguel 6 miles to the north.

There will be many more updates as the transition progresses. This morning I was looking into the details of what’s all involved in exporting my horses into Mexico, as well as our dogs and kitty. Complicated but not impossible. I will be rehoming tons of my actual stuff here so look for some interesting opportunities. I also will be rehoming one of our horses. Our resources are limited and we can’t take them all, so I will be carefully screening potential adopters. More info on that too. Finally, I’ve begun working on a introductory website for the home we’ve been living here in Kentucky. It’s a gorgeous very country-style 200+ year old log home on a beautiful hill overlooking several ancient sycamore trees. Well, you’ll see. 🙂

The photos below were ones I took with my iphone while I was taking a look at the place. It is a remarkably photogenic place. Not only that, it is delicious and friendly too!

Mexico 01