Sometimes before I¬†conjure¬†something up, I sketch it out. Actually I do that a bunch – but in sort of an oblique way…what with the dream world making all the time, lol. This time it was fairly literal. I had in mind to make a hat and a dress/tunic combo. So I sketched it out:

pencil sketch of felted fashion

Sketch of Tunic/Dress in mind...

springtime felted silk tunic

The full length view

As I’m learning about what I can do with this fun new medium of felting, nuno felting and such – I’m thinking about ways I can combine the elements in pleasing ways. In this case what I sketched came fairly close to what eventually happened. Even the fun fairy kitty is getting done! In the meantime you can see what I posted on Etsy.

The felted art tunic turned out pleasingly well for a first try I thought. First iterations of a thing can often be sort of questionable – but felting is so forgiving, and this particular style so adaptive – I think it will make her eventual owner quite happy indeed!

And then there’s the hat. I made some serious modifications to the result from what I sketched – because I think hats are something the wearer needs to feel pretty in. I’m not sure what I sketched would do that – or wouldn’t for many gals who aren’t actually an elf or a fairy.

I dialed it down some – but then added a puppy!

green felt hat with flowers and white dog

Spring Green White Puppy Topper