Besides making my HappyArt I also write several blogs. This one obviously, a couple that highlight my work and fun with horses: MerryHorses, Little Horse Big Trip, HorseJourney and my marketing tips one at  I also write and draw one on the creative process called “QuantumSparks” that is based on my concept of ‘animal assisted inspiration’. Wow, six blogs. I shouldn’t have counted them up – now I feel tired! Hahaha!

This week a wonderful healthy living website for mothers is highlighting me as a guest blogger! They’re featuring some of the work I’ve done for my QuantumSparks, animal assisted inspiration posts. It’s a real honor and helps get the positive messaging almost every single blog post I write tends to touch upon sooner or later. If you’ve got kids or have an interest in their well being you should click over to the site and take a little tour of the operation. Good stuff there!