Lucky Gals

Yesterday was a glorious beautiful sunshiney day! To celebrate a small group of friends and I – each lucky enough to have a horse to play with- loaded up and went for a trail ride on a lovely farm together. It was as pleasant as could be. Picture perfect in fact! As amateur horse-women we have each studied the ways of the horse and have brought our knowledge of to a fairly decent level. An important element in safe horsemanship. Horses are big and they can be flighty so it is smart to learn to ‘read’ their body language.

Two of us were on horses we have trained ourselves – a pretty big accomplishment for beginners like us. It was the very first out of the arena actual trail ride for the thoroughbred (ex-race horse) and she and her rider did beautifully! We ambled through the woods, a briar patch and forded some trickling streams – safely and for the most part without incident. When we’d each had enough perfect joy for the day, we rode back to the barn and hosed them all off and tied each equine a safe distance from the other (no kicking!) and went to have a snack.

Half Ton Embodiment of Fear

After our break – where we smacked up watermelon and got to feed the pot bellied pigs of the house the rinds! We went back to the barn to get the horses ready to go home taking our time, dawdling about as horse women do when together in a barn with our equine friends. There was a measuring stick just for horses so we decided to measure the thoroughbred. While she was perfectly ok with it when her human put it up to her whithers (the base of her neck) to get the measurement – we wanted an accurate read so we asked Betsy, the gal who’s place we were visiting, to do it too. And that’s when all Hell broke loose. Turns out Purl, the horse, did not understand what Betsy was trying to do – and freaked out – turning into a 1000 pound rockety energy ball.

Now you can talk to any horse person, anywhere, if they have ever experienced this energy, and every single one will be able to rattle off their own story of something similar to what happened next in the barn yesterday. Purl pulled back from the scary monster stick and slipped on the bran aisle asphalt surface and half fell onto her haunches. This scared her more because she was tied to the wall, remember? So now her halter was pulled way way too tight – which scared her more! She then rose up and began to rear – in total, what they call ‘right brain’ mode. Now she was nothing but the half ton embodiment of fear. Marybeth went forward to catch her (now she was loose having pulled the pole she had been tied to out of it’s fixtures) and couldn’t get out of the way fast enough when Purl started to leap forward. IN an awful instant the deed was done. Marybeth was slammed to the hard surface and her leg was now facing the wrong way.

You’ve seen this kind of thing when sports shows highlight a skiing, or football or whatever other sport accident shaping up. It makes you sick to witness. Marybeth is a doctor so when she lifted her head to see her leg she screamed bloody murder – not because it hurt yet – shock does that to you – but because she knew it was a horrific injury to her leg. So 911 was dialed the ambulance summoned and a whole new ending to what had been a perfect day created itself around us. I haven’t told you yet that this was her first trail ride back on a horse since her last sports injury – where she had to have reconstructive knee surgery after having what was obviously a terrible fall during a recreational volleyball game. Now she had broken her other leg, and dislocated the ankle completely out of its normal position.

Why Tell Us?

You may ask. Well, I’m writing all of this as the back story to today’s drawing. These drawings I do come from things I experience in my life. This one is a fairly literal depiction of one single event, as you can no doubt see. I thought I’d go ahead and include it as a demonstration of where ideas can come from. It’s also a depiction of crystallizing a concept into an image can help others know how you see things. I want to help Marybeth envision the quick healing of her leg from this accident. I want her to see the power of the goddess of horses helping her do so. I don’t want her to become afraid of horses because of this bad experience. That could easily happen here. I want to help her avoid that if I can.

Healing Energy for a Broken Leg

Get that leg better fast Marybeth! Let the flow of all the good energy from every source help you.