Some unknowns have inserted themselves into my life all of a sudden. You know how this can happen; those unexpected blips in life’s path that cause us to question things? A big one of those has appeared on the scene and it’s causing me, inspiring me, to think about what matters. It’s also giving me an opportunity to define clearly how I experience my life.

When things are going well, I tend to coast along. Oh I do my share of bellyaching. I also make time for being grateful. But usually there’s no real heavy lifting going on. Then >bazinga!< something sort of big changes and there I am examining every little thing. This is after I’ve emoted sufficiently on the unfairness of it all, of course. Then it’s time to roll up the sleeves of perception and get to work thinking things through.

sketch of dog experiencing life

We create our own realities

These challenges provide the perfect opportunity to lay claim to how one may wish to experience one’s life. Did you know you get to do that? You get to define that for yourself? You do – but not without cost. You may be required to let go of a lot of things you thought were going to be forever in your life. Maybe this is material comforts. Maybe it’s old ways of thinking that worked in the old days – but will just get in your way where you’re headed. It’s not easy. But sometimes it’s oh so necessary if you want to continue being comfortable. You see, there’s all sorts of ways to feel comfort.

Sketch of how we experience life

We tend to live in our heads – but the rest of us is present too

We’re accompanied by whatever it is we choose to bring with us; whatever story we decide to build our foundation on. So you see, it’s all how we define these things for ourselves. If we get mored in thinking our upbringing with inappropriate and insufficient somehow – viola – that bag of rocks comes with us whenever we go. Same too if we’ve been convinced that we’re ‘not good enough’, or by contrast quite good enough – even gifted! These opinions color how we see what’s coming next.

We do tend to live in our heads. This is where Ego lives. Chatty, talkative, judgmental Ego. Sometimes it has good advice and makes sound observations – and often it’s just blathering away completely ignoring how we actually do feel. I put to you – you probably feel more comfortable in a whole lot more situations – physically – than you recognize. Your Ego thinks you should have a closet full of designer clothes and a huge luxurious home – but your body feels great in your favorite jeans and the kinda worn couch at a friend’s house.

Well I’m currently advising Ego to be still and asking the rest of me to step up and make some assertions about what’s important.