Being open to creating illustrations and commissioned work for people means sometimes the partnership doesn’t pan out the way you might hope. But as the saying goes “for every door that closes, another opens up” the professional artist soon learns to embrace what others might call rejection and use the experience as a guide for next steps and newer choices.

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Take the publisher who recently decided my work doesn’t fit into their idea of what they want for a series of children’s books featuring horses. Boohoo for me, right? Not so much. For one thing it got me thinking afresh about such projects and for another it allowed me to understand that my voice isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. The optimist in me chooses to believe that’s because my voice is distinct – a very good quality for an artist to enjoy.

So will any of these ideas find their way into a series of books I publish myself? I don’t know – but I was pleased with where I was headed – so it just may happen!