Reflections - 12" x 12"

Reflections – 12 x 12

I’ve begun the new year on a roll with painting! From my ongoing experience playing around with Instagram I have developed a newly discovered fondness for the square. Never before have I explored this shape visually. I tend to go with the more typical ‘golden mean‘ ratio for my canvases; the ol’ 8×10, 11×14, 16×20, etc, but these new pieces are all 12 inches square!

I’m referring back to the 400 drawings I did throughout the past 14 months and am adding the occasional narrative to each piece. I’ve even gotten some 22k  gold leaf to add a little sparkle here and there when the image seems to want some!

I purchased a fancy new printer that’s going to let me museum quality archival prints on cotton paper so look for giclee’ prints to be available within the next month or so. I believe I’ll be adding some notecards to the HappyArt product line up too. This time printed right here in my studio!

I am loving 2013 so far! It’s a creative whirlwind! Look for paintings like these in my “Shop HappyArt” store section under Paintings > Square.

ShakerTown Spirits - 12x12

ShakerTown Spirits – 12×12

Kitty Cat House - 12x12

Kitty Cat House – 12×12

Zoomer and Little Ben - 12x12

Zoomer and Little Ben – 12×12

Howdy Pal - 12" x 12"

Howdy Pal – 12 x 12