b/w paint horse with colorful saddle pad

At first he wasn't sure...

When you live with me sooner or later you end up with your collection of things I make for you. It’s inevitable. Two reasons:

  1. I’m usually strapped for cash (I spend too much on food, books and art supplies) and
  2. I believe what I create is infused with special luck somehow (as all created with love things are) and I like to share that out.

So using about two pricey pounds of pure alpaca fiber and a whole lot of muscle power I spent most of Saturday making a saddle pad for my horse.

wet felted saddle pad

Do these polka dots make my butt look round

I’ve trained him myself from when he was just a year old. He’s seven now. For a first time amateur I haven’t completely wrecked him but he’s not entirely as reliable as he would be with his cues and responses if he had been brought up by someone with more savvy. That’s why I attend workshops with him. They call them ‘clincs’ but that sounds more like where I’m headed if he bucks me off at one of these events so I call them other things.

We have one coming up in a few weeks (which is why I’m broke this month) and I need all the positive vibe good luck energy Buddha, Jesus, Mary, Ganesh, Allah and Epona (Celtic goddess of horses) care to toss my way.

black and white paint horse with felted saddle pad

He likes it.

Good Luck

I haven’t ridden Mu enough this summer because he started bucking and balking going downhill on our trail riding expeditions. This new habit unnerved me. Another summer he bucked me off into unconsciousness as we schooled in our barnyard so there’s some history here.

All I’m asking this pad and its connections via intention to any God or Goddess that will listen is to keep me mounted so we can work through together whatever we need to so he becomes a nice reliable partner.

hand felted girth cover

His new girth cover

The pink, purple, black and silver background are the cosmos to me, while the many orbs are the dimensions and worlds of reality both of this world and those beyond. A big enough idea to hold a place multi-dimensionally where we two can be one. So to me, it’s a colorful, soft, comfortable magnet. Also I think it looks nice on him. Being black and white he can pull off such daring designs with aplomb.

I also made him a new girth cover. Same reason, plus sheepskin ones cost about fifty bucks and are either just off white or black. My paint loves color!

The cosmos

In case you’re curious – the underside (you can see in the above pic) is undyed white alpaca – so even when he sweats (and he better!) he won’t turn any other color. You can rinse your fiber until the cows come home but even the best dyes will bleed a bit after a couple of hours of warmly rubbing against a sweaty horse’s back.