Who Inspires You?

I practice letting ideas flow through me almost every single day – in one way or another. Maybe with a drawing, or a painting, or a video or even just a walk in the woods, or a ride in an open field with wonderful friends. However it is I get to figure out how to access that day’s muse I try to embrace wholeheartedly.


Kick in the Rear

Me with Rainbow Hair!

Me with Rainbow Hair!

Sometimes I need a little boost of a kick in the patootie to get started with an idea. This is when it pays to be well connected. And by well connected I mean connected to people who somehow inspire me. This is where having a well curated Facebook list comes in beautifully and supportively. In my Facebook newsfeed I have the option to filter the moment’s news through one of several feeds I’ve created. I’ve got:

  • Optimists
  • Inspirationists
  • You CAN Do It!

to name a few.

To build each list all I did was decide who I want to see in which category and then visited their Facebook wall or page and under the settings chose “Add to Interests List” and picked the right fit. I’ve got a brand new Cartoonists list I’ve been leaning on pretty heavily lately because cartoonists and graphic novelists are going to inspire me to get going on a story somehow. Not sure wat it’s going to be or how it’s going to play out – but I figure with a constant feed of their excellent output, ideas and rants something will soak in.

Screen Shot 2013-02-21 at 8.59.55 AM6 Quick Tips for Getting Inspired

  1. Start something and push through your own doubt no matter what – NO EXCUSES
  2. Do this 7 days in a row no matter what
  3. Check the output on Day 7 against what you did on Day 1
  4. Note all improvements – soak in the feeling of accomplishment
  5. Connect with people who do something that inspires you
  6. Get New Input!
    In the off-time in between this week long practice:
    • watch a tv show you never have,
    •read a blog that’s all new to you

    • sift through kickstarter campaign
    • search things you never search on Pinterest
    • eat at a restaurant you’ve never been to
    • listen to music you’ve never heard before

Top Secret

You may not know this, but I’m a 55 year old salt and pepper haired lady. On the outside. On the inside, of course I’m an elfen unicorn. So I connected with Anya Goy who has inspired me to look for ways to have rainbow hair!

Interviews With Awesomeness

Then there are artists who challenge me to stretch by following through on their own amazingness. I’ve got a ton of these folks in my news. Matter of fact I will be composing an entire series of blog posts highlighting individuals from my list. What inspires me may also inspire you! SO look for that later this spring. Carry On! Check in! Accountability is meaningful in the Creative department too. Let me know how awesome you are!