Because I’m an artist I tend to march to my own drum. Usually that’s just fine with most people. Sometimes it’s not. When it’s not they may say something. Maybe even something hurtful. Mean.

Well that kind of thing can slow production! Artsist are also known for our sensitivity so these things can really sting. So what are we supposed to do with that kind of negative event? Sometimes we choose to go into something of a mood slide. But that’s not fun and can trigger a downward spiral that can last too long and have too much impact.

This last¬†occurrence¬†for me sparked in me a fresh new productive response! It got me to make a piece that reflected how I see my reality, instead of absorbing whatever changes I should take on to conform more to the other’s expectations of me.

Here’s what showed up:

if you want to see it larger just click on the picture! You'll go to it's detail page on my Etsy shop.

It’s a felted rug featuring a picture of my ideal form of reality. Everything is lovely, soft, sparkly and colorful! Everyone is happy and someone is offering me a tasty treat!

I do believe girls with pink hair exist and bunnies like to tease squirrels. I dream of having a rainbow mane and tail. ANd you know what? A golden horn could come in handy now and again.