One of the hazards of selling your work on Etsy is that you’re constantly exposed to cute stuff. This si how I came across a super cute ring design. It’s a silver band with an inset tiny opal and it’s customizable! You can see for yourself about how much lettering you have. hat looked like about 2 medium sized words to me. So I posted the following on my Facebook page:

Working on summarizing my Life path in two medium sized words.

Knowing my friends as I do I figured some of them were not going to be able to resist commenting with their own ideas. Of course they didn’t let me down! Let me share some of their ideas:

  • Edie said: how about “f-ing awesome”!
  • Kandace said: Here are two words: onward, upward!
  • Jorge said (and it’s one of my faves…): “Still living”
  • Chris in pure Chris Fashion demanded: define medium-sized?!
  • Leann offered: Animated Creative
  • Alan (an ironic Kentucky art car pal) said: Nas Car
  • Timothy shared: I suspect, My Lady, it will never be “wrong turn”.
  • Rebecca said: Absolutely Fabulous

The sample ring

And then Timothy went off kind of in the same direction Chris did:

Well, I look at the original caption from Ms. Marti and I’m confused. Is medium a “medium” sized word? If it is, than what is “Big”, cause although it means, well, big, it’s smaller than the word “medium”. Then of course, you have “minuscule”, which, of course, means small, but as a word, is larger than medium and big. Aw crap, I’m confused…..this is a bigger (Oops!) topic than I intended to contend with, but I shan’t think small, nor medium…..well, unless of course, I was a medium of the psychic kind and was trying to provide you with gargantuan thoughts. See, now that word makes sense. Its the right size to its meaning.

I started a list:

  • hopes
  • dreams
  • balance
  • animals
  • infinity
  • connection
  • optimism
  • quantum
  • gardener of hope
  • inspire)d)
  • mindful
  • notice
  • share
  • gratitude
  • nice moment

What I ended up with:


And yes, I know I went with three words. That’s what having an artistic license can do for you. 🙂

Want your own? Here’s the shop I ordered mine from. They call themselves “ArtisanImpact“. They’re two artists who live part time in Montreal and the other in Israel. Their work is exquisite! I’m excited!