Is the root to the word “subliminal” sublime? If it is, I’m pretty happy with the message I’m taking from a painting I completed this past week.

"Mare & Foal"

“Mare & Foal”

I think it tells the story of my feelings surrounding our upcoming relocation to Mexico. The mare represents my present; known, brightly visible, colorful, serene. While the foal is darker, less visible, much more unknown, but alert, hopeful and ready.

The forward leaning green stems on the left visually describe our momentum of movement, the firefly flowers the delights along the way, the downward leaning red stems the challenges inherent in any move, not just international ones, and the pink flowers the new place ahead!

I didn’t realize I was painting a piece for myself when I made this – but it dawned on me this morning that’s exactly what I did! If it represents a hopeful transformation to you, too, you might like to know that it is available as a print here.