In a recent post I mentioned that my new favorite book is “The Arrival” by the incredibly gifted Shaun Tan. Without words he tells the compelling tale of an immigrant who experiences a sort of culture shock in a new land. Among the characteristics of the new place he’s come to is an apparent  accompaniment for many of the inhabitants by some sort of animal creature.

This reminded me of the ‘dæmon‘ described for many of the main characters of the fascinating “Golden Compass” trilogy. A dæmon is the viewable separated animal form of one’s personality and/or soul.

While my pets are fun muses for me to think about (Tingo, Ropey, JoJo, Iota, MuMu and Kittoonski as the main ones for the moment) I woke up wondering what look an animal muse might have, what form he or would would take.

Me, being me, of course right away I thought about having it be a unicorn – but in fact unicorns are an old image; a mythical archetype that I love – but that doesn’t perfectly describe a look someone like me might inspire.

Here’s who showed up just for me:

daemon sketch

My dæmon (the one in the middle)

Here’s a great post about how to find your own dæmon!