For ANY visual artist a great movie to see on the big screen this summer is “Tree of Life” by Director Terrance Malick. Every scene has been beautifully crafted to highlight the grace in the ordinary, and the overwhelming everythingness of the rest of the universe.

The story line is non linear which seems to have an abundance of controversy but which some find refreshingly life-like insofar as personal memories are concerned. There is a wonderfully comprehensive consideration of some of the finer aspects of the film itself here written by By Matt Zoller Seitz at

I should also mention that while it is billed as starring Brad Pitt and Sean Penn, and yes they are indeed in this film prominently – they’ve relaxed their star power – or the subject is large enough to distill it – so that their inclusion doesn’t overwhelm this very artistic vehicle for some pretty amazingly for reaching ideas about memory, memory creation, creation and connectedness.