As a hobby I like to pick up books written by kindly, exceptionally clever physicists who are smart enough to know how to explain their difficult subjects in simple, easy to understand terms. So I read Brian Greene, Michio Kaku, and even the occasional Richard Feynman, and many ,many others. To name a few:

Where is Love?

As a pursuer of Truth in other realms I also love to tap into the overarching teachings of just about every religion. Whenever the proponents of each religion get into the underlying principles for their truths and beliefs you really start to see wonderful patterns emerge. An excellent and very current source for their observations and teaching is a radio show and podcast called “On Being‘ hosted by Krista Tippett. She finds people from every religious and spiritual aspect as well as other places where spiritual practice is less precious and more day-to-day.

Who Describes Love Best?

I also find the same is true for all who envision a better world and seek to illuminate and create paths for others to find grace. I think Creatives of every media – from art to applied sciences and everything in between also discover universal kernels of Truth in our pursuits.

I drew a ven diagram of how I envision the intersection of these various ways of going through this world happens upon similar universal truths – the ones having to do with Love, its non-locality, everywhereness potential and expression through pattern, connection and ultimate peace.

Love: It’s Everywhere

Whether in the explorations of deep math, dark matter, gravitons and quanta or love, happiness, peace and joy, self-expression, dance, art, music, poetry or cooking, gardening, fixing things – where these activities overlap in ‘flow‘, joy, love and sharing I think is where you have found the God in it; the Love.

I paint it like this:

Love is found wherever truth seekers look for it.

Love is found wherever truth seekers look for it.

And it’s available as a fine art print here.