The pathway of the super collider aofCERN

Just what are those guys over in Switzerland measuring anyway? IS thought faster than the speed of light (FTL or faster than light)? Is it “superluminal? Are dreams superluminal? Is imagination?

The news that neutrinos sent from the CERN facility near Geneva to Grasso, Italy traveled 60 billionths faster than the speed of light would have has rocked the world of theoretical and applied physics all of a sudden. Heretofore it was thought – well since 1905 when Albert Einstein floated his “Theory of Relativity” – that the speed of light was a constant, a given; a wall.

What just happened (or actually has been happening – they just kept repeating the process to make sure they were seeing what they were seeing and only just made this announcement public) is if others who are now invited to test these results come up with the same results everything is blown wide open again in terms of defining reality. That’s all.

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Because I’m blessed to have only the thinnest thread of understanding what these theoretical physicists go on about I am free to already have made this very leap into the potential of knowing ‘reality’ years ago. Once they started talking about ‘charmed particles’ apparently being 2 places at the same time – I intuitively knew imagination, dreams, telepathy and other ‘evidence’ of unexplainable FTL incidents were going to some day be examined differently. I knew artists and story tellers, dreamers and imagineers who already tap into this amazing aspect of reality were going to be joined by scientists and other ‘realists’ sooner or later.
My book, HapiLani, The Natural History of a Dream Land explains how. We are all ‘conscious dreamers’ and thus are all quite capable of creating our own realities. We do so when we dream in our sleep, and we do so when we proactively envision our lives playing out. It’s said  “thoughts become things, choose the good ones”. These are great words to live by.

I love it when science catches up with imagination. And it always does. It is as though, collectively, we humans (and all beings we connect to) are constantly co-creating our reality; our realities.

Schematic Collective Consciousness - one of the illustrations in the book designed to illuminate sometimes confusing concepts