An inspirational journey can be initiated for any number of reasons. For me, I wanted to commemorate turning sixty in a way that had the potential to help me remember who I am and who I used to be. What better way to do that than to go backpacking like a teenager! I write about the details of this trip in a post on my other art site, link here. (I apologize for presenting myself in two pieces like this. I have discovered people get confused by my two approaches to art, so I’m keeping them apart for now. Don’t worry I am not schizo (not that it would be bad if I were), Just want to keep things clear! I always link both sides of my art together in my e-newsletters so be sure to sign up for those to stay completely in touch.

All I’m going to share in this post here today are the series of HappyArt drawings and illustrations I made as I was traveling in France and Italy in May 2018. It’s kind of a remarkable feat as the going wasn’t always easy and the pace was fairly grueling, but I was keen to document parts of this inspirational journey as they happened live.

In later posts I’ll share more of the details of the trip and the inspirations found, but for now, let’s see how it percolated out the end of my arm! There is a chance I may make some of the images available as very limited art prints. Let me know by commenting or email if that’s something you’re interested in!

The Drawings

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