Life is always awesome from this vantage point

Life is always awesome from this vantage point

Adventure Abounds!

As I have started documenting my new life here in Mexico, I thought it would be appropriate to include some of the experiences I’m having that I eventually draw inspiration from.

If you’ve followed my blog for any length of time, you have noticed that I love horses! I love being with them and having adventures on their backs. So I seek out ways to connect with them wherever I go, even though I have a couple of my own! My riding horse has feet that are way too tender for the topography around San Miguel de Allende, so I had to go out looking for an outfit to ride with. I found a fine one indeed in the trips organized by Beth Kaestner and her aptly named “Leisurely Country Horseback Riding” (LCHR) outfit.

Real Standouts

I’ve included my review on Tripadvisor at the end of this post, but let me mention the real highlights here:

  • The horses are all the mounts of real working cowboys, and so are very light on their cues and willing
  • Immediately local villagers are all involved in the program: ladies make the lunches, villagers saddle up their horses for the riders
  • A local guy accompanies each tour
  • Most of the money stays right in the village!

These folks are very happy to provide this service and you can feel a sense of pride in what they offer. It is first class and truly an authentic experience. 

You will read more about my adventures with Beth as I intend to accompany her and several thousand vaqueros across the state of Guanajuato in  a couple of months. If you’re in San Miguel, do not hesitate to make arrangements to ride with LCHR! Read others’ reviews on Tripadvisor, it’s not just me.

Book a trip or click on over to see photos from lots of their planned trips here. Like their Facebook Page.

Fun Fact

Wanna know how I met Beth? She was in the photo of me watching the Blessing of the Horses and somehow saw the photo when I posted it on my Facebook page and one of our mutual friends liked it so she saw it then and noticed herself! She said something, we connected, and that’s how great life can be!

I'd go to church more often if I got to do it like this!

I’d go to church more often if I got to do it like this!

The ancient painting on the chapel's entry archway

The ancient painting on the chapel’s entry archway

The lunch buffet

The lunch buffet

The lunch was fresh, homemade and delicioso!

The lunch was fresh, homemade and delicioso!

Me on the wonderfully handy Waimea

Me on the wonderfully handy Waimea

Below is my official review on Tripadvisor

From the excellent communication leading up to my adventure clear through the last photo opp, riding with Beth and her teams was a real pleasure.


Are all genuine cowponies trained by local vaqueros. Indeed, most of these are their actual mounts. Leisurely Country Horseback Riding (LCHR) has contracted with them to gently use their awesome horses on the trail. These are not overused ‘zoned out’ tired horses, but perky and handy little steeds with a great willingness and perfect surefootedness to negotiate these trails with integrity and spunk!


In a word: Gorgeous. These are trails carved out by cows over the years, and so meander in a bit of a bovine way, which is usually the most economical but safe route between here and there. So as you traverse the side of a steep hill or cross the river, you’re doing so where thousands of cow-years have gone before you picking out the route to the next green pasture. Sometimes you go through a very small village and that’s cool too.


Beth and her team are knowledgeable and personable and you will find them very compatible and accommodating indeed.


Was a wonderful country buffet and featured several delicious selections which would satisfy almost any dietary restriction somehow. My favorite aspect was the tortillas made by hand that morning by the señoras were made from some of the maize we had just ridden through! You don’t get more Local-vire than that!


This may be my favorite part of this while outfit: Beth partners with the people of a village for every arrangement for the trail and the meals so much of the fee goes straight into the local economy. How cool is that!


To book your own adventure with LCHR. Beth will make sure you have plenty of photos of you on your horse in the various landscapes and your friends are gonna be impressed and inspired when you share ’em!


Bath Kaestner, Apache and Reyes

Beth Kaestner, Apache and Reyes