Pencil to Paint

If you’re familiar at all with my work you’ve probably noticed that I draw and paint. Usually I draw just about every day. I explore new ideas and let my imagination flow. When I’m lucky enough to get some time in my studio I like to review my drawings and see what I think might translate well into the wonderful world of color.

This past weekend I seem to have been percolating thoughts about trees and nesting birds – Spring!

Below is my most recent drawing and the painting that showed up as a result! You can compare how pencil lines have their own job to do on a sketch – and how color eliminate the need for so much texture but poses it’s own challenges. Believe it or not, this is my idea of a subdued color palette. I’ve been getting advice to ‘tone things down’ – but this is not coming easy for me, lol.

Compare for Yourself


#444 of the “400 More” drawing series

Three Birds Atop Colorful Trees

Three Birds Atop Colorful Trees

The painting is available as a fine art giclee’ print here.