horse hair bird nest

True Treasure

Inspiration comes from many sources and for the luckiest among us, it comes regularly.

The other day my husband walked into  the house with the most precious little treasure I could ever have imagined. He had in his hands a small beautifully built bird nest made from what looked like the tail hairs from all three of our horses.

I marvel at the variety of materials and the masterful workmanship – woven with a beak! Horse hair is unwieldy stuff. It doesn’t get woven easily without wanting to pop back out. This little gem demonstrates everything the truly successful artist must be:

three horses

The material donors

  • resourceful
  • persevering
  • patient
  • practical
  • imaginative
  • and able to let go

I posted this photo on my Facebook wall and the reaction I got from my friends was so overwhelmingly positive it made me imagine having a show in a gallery with nothing but found bird’s nests. Wouldn’t that be divine?