Sometimes during the gloomiest parts of winter it is hard to find inspiration to get on with the next creative project. In some ways this is where fellow artists come in handy. You can connect up with them and see what they’ve been up to. I have an online art club I’m a part of where I check in and see what people have been working on.

home shrineBut I am also sometimes able to draw inspiration from some of my own past projects. The ones that aren’t typically a part of my normal art making routine. In my house I’ve set up an area I call our ‘shrine’. It’s loaded with bits and pieces of meaningful iconography from different parts of my life: photographs, charms, mementos and other items that speak to various aspects of my dreams and gratitude.

Additionally sometimes I like having a look at other ways I’ve been creative around the house. A couple of summers ago I decided to make good use of a bunch of cast off tiles I got for free from a poster on Craig’s List. I broke them up using a hammer on the driveway, loosely laid out a plan on the guest room floor and started in on gluing the pieces down using mastic.mosaic florr with cattledogs

It was a crazy job! Then it got crazier. I tried grouting the whole entire thing in one afternoon. That’s nuts. I was so in over my head. I was at it until almost midnight and then spent the next week scraping off the now dried residual grout off all the pieces. That should have been done as I went along with a wet sponge. Would have been much easier. But this reminds me a little about how I operate and just how deep my motivation can go sometimes.

So all in all, a good thing. And my dogs like it.